Course Description

Every one of us has access to often untapped psychic potential—the ability to see beyond what is evident to our five senses. You likely have received glimpses into these abilities, via intuitive flashes when you need them the most.

But, how do you really develop these abilities, and use them in your everyday life?

Whether you want to offer readings to others, or simply integrate these new abilities into your everyday life, this course will show you exactly how to do that, no matter how much or little you have tapped into your intuition in the past.

In this 4-week course, you can expect to learn:

  • Answers to the most common questions about intuition and psychic abilities
  • Your nature as an energetic being, and how to work with your own energy
  • How to sense and work with the energy of others
  • The chakras and what they can be used for
  • Divination and some popular divinatory tools
  • Your psychic senses and how to develop them
  • Practice tuning into information and see what you receive
  • Tuning in to your higher guidance
  • Plus much more

In all, this course will provide over 8 hours of audio material, plus text lessons to go with each meeting.

Law of Attraction Coach

Brandon Olivares

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. The Unseen World

    • 1.1. Common Questions Answered

    • 1.2. The Universal Dimensions

    • 1.3. Your Energy Body

    • Class #1 Recording

    • Section 1 Quiz

  • 2

    2. Divination and Divinatory Tools

    • 2.1. Divination Basics

    • 2.2. Pendulums

    • 2.3. The Tarot

    • Class #2 Recording

    • Section 2 Quiz

  • 3

    3. The Psychic Senses

    • 3.1. Clairvoyance

    • 3.2. Clairaudience

    • 3.3. Clairsentience

    • 3.4. Claircognizance and Other Senses

    • 3.5. Discovering Your Preferred Sense

  • 4

    4. Applied Psychic Modalities

    • 4.1. The Akashic Records

    • 4.2. Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

    • 4.3. Giving Readings

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